Company Profile

Guangdong Zesheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is located at 35 floors, Dongjun square, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, with a registered capital of 10.8 million yuan. It is a professional, standardized and network-based pharmaceutical company integrating production, research and marketing. The company's business scope includes: Chinese patent medicine, chemical drug preparation, chemical raw material drug, antibiotic API, antibiotic preparation, biochemical medicine; medical apparatus and instruments; Prepackaged food and health food; Chemical raw materials and products (except dangerous goods); To import and export all kinds of goods and technologies by self-operation and agency; Have independent import and export business rights.

At present, the company has a business scope all over the country, and has offices and liaison offices in major cities, which provides strong guarantee for the rapid entry of products into the market, can solve and deal with various problems encountered in the clinical front line in the fastest time, and design and formulate various marketing plans and academic promotion programs in time.

The company adheres to the development concept of cooperation sharing, innovation and enterprising, quality-oriented and social service, constantly pursuing self-improvement and excellent service, taking caring for life and health as the purpose, taking win-win cooperation as the goal, and creating a better tomorrow together.

Company Culture

Corporate mission: add value to life in an innovative way

We innovate marketing models, focus on the establishment and construction of marketing networks, strengthen the competitive advantages and capabilities of first-line sales, and continue to recommend the most characteristic drugs to the clinical first-line market to meet urgent medical needs.
Our innovative service content, in line with the purpose of saving lives, maintaining health, and enhancing corporate value, hire well-known experts, establish a strong academic promotion team, be proactive, and continue to carry out related promotion work such as the publicity and application of medical knowledge. All this shows that Guangdong Zesheng Pharmaceutical always pays attention to the life and health of the public, and continuously innovates products and services to add value to life.

Core values: innovation, integrity, perseverance, care

  • Innovation

    Creating first-class and pursuing excellence is a powerful driving force for the company to continuously research and develop new products and promote the market; innovation is the source of enterprise development. Only continuous innovation, bold innovation, and determination to innovate can make
  • Honesty

    "Honesty and trustworthiness." This is the basic creed of our business operation and the basic principle of dealing with others. We must adhere to the creed of "integrity" to our customers, our employees, and our partners, and establish a company with sincerity.
  • share

    Whether enterprise employees have the spirit of sharing is the touchstone of enterprise core values. We advocate that employees share knowledge, achievements and happiness together, so as to have a richer life. We advocate enterprises and partners to share experience, collaborative innovation, build a corporate culture willing to share, and achieve win-win results.
  • achievement

    To achieve self and customer is to achieve enterprise. We should not only strive for self-improvement and self-achievement, but also inspire others. We go all out to pursue excellence, make unremitting efforts to strive for progress, and constantly strive to achieve personal and corporate goals. Customer demand is the driving force for the development of our enterprise. We adhere to customer-centric, respond quickly to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers, and then achieve customers. Providing effective services to customers is the direction of our work and the yardstick of value evaluation. To achieve customers is to achieve ourselves.